Ceviche (non-spicy)


1 ½ lb (600gr or 1kg) fish and/or seafood
½ cup red onion chopped in julienne strips
1 package of Provenzal Ceviche Juice (enough for 1kg of fish)
9 oz. (260ml) water

(for best results use Grouper, Red Sniper or Sole Fish)


Mix in a bowl 260ml (9oz) of cold water with the pakage content of Provenzal Ceviche Juice.   Mix until it dissolves.

Cut the fish and/or seafood in cubes of approximately 2cm each. Add the Ceviche Juice mixed with water over the fish and / or seafood.  Let sit for about 5 minutes.  If you wish add the chopped onion, mix well for about 30 seconds, and enjoy!

You can also accompany your Ceviche with corn, sweet potatoes, or toasted corn.  Cancha Chulpe Corn, Roasted Mountain Corn, Corn for Toasting, all ready to make options available on our catalogue.  If you do not want to make your own corn there are some already made options from Karinto (such as Cancha, Urubamba and Mix Corn) also available in our catalogue.

Ceviche & Mountain Corn

Ceviche & Mountain Corn


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